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Marty LaFleur

Marty LaFleur

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11/25/08 09:50 AM #1    

Patricia Gonzalez

What would high school have been without Marty? Much duller for me, that's for sure. Marty walked into the building every day on fire, full of wit, poised and ready for anything that came his way. He was so spirited and funny - always ready with a quick retort and an alternative perspective. He was a warm and loving soul - how many hugs did each of us get from Marty? Countless, I'm sure. And what would the talent show have been without Marty and Marilee disco-ing like pros? Their final move-the big dip and then the leap into Marty's arms! Certainly he would have been on "So you think you can dance" if we had had such a thing back then. I feel so sad when I think of Marty's bright light leaving this world so early. But then I recall his slow shuffle down the halls, in overalls, arm draped around Begona's shoulder, whispering who knows what to her, and I start smiling again. God bless you, Marty - off dancing in the stars. Patricia Gonzalez

01/09/09 07:59 PM #2    

Charlesetta Lewis (Nganga)

Marty was so full of life, and he lived life to the absolute fullest. This is how I want to live my life. Rest in peace, Marty.

02/04/09 11:47 AM #3    

Stephen Romano

Knew Marty in JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL and I was so glad he came to BRHS with me. Funny as hell that guy was. My mom even got a kick out of him. Envied his self-confidence. I'm sorry that he met his demise so young. would have been great to converse with him after 30 years of life post-BRHS. RIP dude.

02/07/09 11:02 AM #4    

Louise Anderson (Schwendeman)

I remember Marty most for a day when Ms. R was out of the Music Theater building. Someone was playing the piano (Mark may-be?) Marty grabbed me for a quick Polka around the room. I didn't know I could do a Polka until then, but there it was. He could dance and he could lead!
Fun. Funny. Energetic. Spontaneous. Always smiling. That is how I remember Marty.

04/24/09 09:49 PM #5    

Robert Allen

Marty and I weren't friends in school but I dare say everyone at BRHS knew him. He never flew under the radar.

Imagine my surprise some 10-15 years later to be seated at a newly opened restaurant here in S.F. and have Marty come over to greet us (me and another BRHS grad) as co-owner (if my memory serves me). After about 3 seconds he said "you went to Baton Rouge High" which was followed by about 15 minutes of gossip (and a cocktail order).

That's what I admired about Marty... always friendly, sweet and outgoing in the way I always wished I were.

Many miss you, Marty. And thanks for a great dinner that night!

06/15/09 09:49 AM #6    

Marieke Van DenBold (Dimmick)

Marty was so lively, warm and caring. He could make even a wallflower like me feel worth noticing, with a quick hug and a warm smile. So sad that he left this world so soon.

07/03/09 12:10 AM #7    

Hugh Aaron Ambeau

Wow! I had no idea Marty had died! He was a confident gay man early on, and I loved him for his support and his ready smile! I can still hear his speaking voice, which had a broken quality to it (maybe that was just a vestige of puberty!). His light still shines in my heart, even if I can no longer hug him in the flesh!

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